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Try Selling Pre-dug Material

Trees in the Nursery – Field Production
May 1995 Nursery Management & Production (NM PRO)

If the final destination of your material will be a poorly irrigated area, you may want to sell your
landscape customers root-pruned or hardened-off, pre-dug material.
Edward F.Gilman, associate professor of landscape horticulture at the University of Florida, has
conducted studies on drought tolerance of 1 to 4 inch caliper trees separated into three categories.

  1. Container-grown trees
  2. Field-grown, freshly dug trees.
  3. Field-grown, root-pruned trees and field-grown trees that were pre-dug and hardened-off,
    including balled and burlapped trees.

“If a tree were to be planted in a place with less than optimum irrigation – let’s say they were
watered once a week after planting — root-pruned and hardened-off field-grown material, would
have the highest survival,” he said.

“Container-grown material lies somewhere in the middle and
fresh-dug material would be in real trouble.”